A forum run by refugees for refugees

A BIT MORE ABOUT SRCF, what we do and why

Southwark Refugee Communities Forum (SRCF) was established by Refugee Community Organisations (RCO) in 2003 following several years of planning and debate to enable the voices of refugees themselves to be heard.

Southwark Refugee Communities Forum Meetings

SRCF holds bi-monthly meetings of refugee organisations based and working in Southwark. The Forum meetings offer opportunities for service-providing agencies across all thematic and geographical areas to reach out to refugee communities.

If you are interested in presenting your agency or project at a future meeting of SRCF please contact our Project Manager, Eltayeb Hassan.

The membership of SRCF currently includes:

  • more than 34 Southwark-based Refugee Community Organisations
  • 10 refugee service providers
  • also, an estimated 11,000 people from refugee backgrounds across Southwark are in direct contact with SRCF members and participate in their activities on a regular basis.