Management Committee

As Refugee Community Organisation we are governed by our trustees and accountable to them for the efficient running of the charity

At the MC Meeting on 28/03/14 the following people were elected to be the directors/ trustees of SRCF


  • Mr Vejdan Efravi (Chair)

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Wejdan is the co-ordinator of Ahwazi Cultural Centre in the UK. He has been working in the voluntary sector supporting people from refugee background for the last 5 years. Wejdan has served into several management committees in the past including SRCF’s management committee. He has a lot of experience and knowledge around governance, immigration, and community needs. I believe Wejdan going to be a good addition to SRCF management committee.



  • Ms Gladys Medina (Company Secretary)

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Gladys is the Co-ordinator of the Bolivian Dance Group”Tradicion Andina” based in Southwark. She worked as advice supervisor in Southwark Refugee Project for 14 years. She is qualified solicitor in her country of origin Bolivia and has attended a post-graduate course in the South Bank University. She likes to get involved in organising cultural events, planning and participating.



  • Ms Amina Muhumed (Treasurer)

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Amina is the representative of the Somali Advance Association. She served as trustee for number of Somali organizations in Southwark. She is a qualified teacher in the UK.  She has long experience, more than 10 years, in running supplementary school in London. She has broad links with the Somali Community in Southwark.



  • Ms Tatiana Garavito (Director)

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Tatiana is the representative of LAWS. She is a young compassionate community worker. She has extensive experience and knowledge working with young people from refugee and Latin American background.




  • Mr Faisal Maramazi (Director)

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Faisal is chair of Ahwazi Community Association (ACA) since 2011. He has a master in Computer System and Networking from South Bank University and currently working as a personal assistant.




Next Management Committee Meeting – To be posted