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Refugee Week 2018


In June 2018, Refugee Week reached an important milestone: 20 years of celebrating the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees!

As part of Southwark Refugee Response, we had been working away to help organise events and activities in Southwark.

There was a mix of panel discussions, films, workshops, food and more!

You can see the type of events available here.



Refugee Awareness Football Match 9th of March 2016

Thank you … Dulwich Hamlet Football Club, FC Assyrian Football Team, Dulwich Hamlet Supporters’ Trust and Southwark Council for successfully organising football match to raise awareness about Refugee crisis and to raise funding to support refugee communities in Southwark.

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Thank you..Reverend Nicholas George, Cllr Michael Sittu and Cllr Jasmine Ali for your support.


Thank you … Dulwich Hamlet Supporters’ Trust for collecting donations to support refugees in crisis 


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For more Information about this event, please follow the link

Syrian Refugee Support Gasme (2)



Charity Football Match for Refugees: Dulwich Hamlet take on FC Assyria – 9th March




Southwark Refugee Communities Forum has been coordinating a series of local, regional and overseas activities to provide emergency assistance to address the urgent humanitarian needs of refugees living in Calais.

Thousands of people are living in dire circumstances, which have been aggravated by severe winter conditions.

SRCF would like to reiterate its deep conviction that only a united emergency response can address the present refugee crisis.

Therefore SRCF, in partnership with Dulwich Hamlet FC, would like to invite you to attend a fundraising football match between Dulwich Hamlet FC and FC Assyria.

All the money raised at the match will be split between SRCF and Red Cross Syrian Appeal to support refugees during this difficult time. Your participation can make a huge difference to someone’s life.

Admission fee: £5 for adult, £2 concessions. Under 12s get in for free.

Tickets available for sale in advance at SRCF or at the gate.

For more information about the match, please click here , or better still you can contact us directly by using our contact details below:

Please remember to share this invite with people from your community.

Finally, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to Dulwich Hamlet FC, FC Assyria and Southwark Council for standing in solidarity with refugees.

Match information:

Date: Wednesday 9th March

Kick off Time: 7.45pm


Champion Hill Stadium
Edgar Kail Way, East Dulwich


SRCF/SDCAS presence in Calais participating in the demonstrations

17th October 2015

On behalf of Southwark Refugee Communities Forum and Southwark Day Centre for Asylum
Seekers, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to everyone for joining us on our trip to Calais, standing in solidarity and vowing to help as many dispossessed brothers and sisters as possible during their ordeal during the demonstration on Saturday 17th October 2015.

This trip would not have been a great success without your presence, contribution, commitment, and compassion. Thank you for making it such a great combination of peace and hope.

Many of you have said to me that: “You felt like you had a duty of care as a human being to do
something to help”.

Others also said: ”What choice would any of us have, if we should ever face the horrors that
these people are enduring?”

Others told me that they felt ashamed due to their inadequate action and use of hostile and
inappropriate language in the media.

I have spoken to some people in the camp who shared their feelings about your participation
and support in the demonstration on Saturday 17th October and the responses were very
positive as they could feel that “everyone was doing their best to help” and they were very

We need to strengthen our network as refugee communities and host community to help our
brothers and sisters who have been left with nothing.

Also, we are glad to report that a delegation from SRCF & SDCAS returned to the camp on
Sunday 18th October 2015 to take some of your generous donations to help as many
dispossessed people as possible.

We shall keep up to date with any new information, development or planned actions in the near future in support of our brothers and sisters in the camp.