Being homeless and destitute for many months and years has led many individuals from BME, asylum seeking and refugee backgrounds to become isolated from their own communities and prevented them from accessing the health services. In realising this fact SRCF will be actively working to organise and carry out the following activities we carried out in the past: 

  • Bolivian & Latin American Dance Classes – to improve intercultural activities, physical health & wellbeing
  • Food for Thoughts Workshops – to promote healthy eating habits for better long term health and healthy weight
  • Seminar & Workshops to dispel mental health stigma – to promote social inclusion and good relationship between residents
  • Introducing isolated refugee women & young people to cultural London  (2 visits to theatre) –  to increase a sense of belonging


SRCF aims at tackling the cultural stigma around mental health problems among the refugee and asylum seeking families and enhancing their access to the local mental health services and also:

  • To seek to improve the quality of life of those with a mental health problem
  • To combat discrimination within the refugee communities against those with mental health problems.
  • To promote social inclusion as well as improve the mental wellbeing
  • To use this pilot project as a springboard to develop a sustainable mental wellbeing project by means of fundraising from relevant donors.



Promoting wellbeing 2