Women’s group

Women connected

SRCF cordially invites refugee women in Southwark to join our Women’s Support Group sessions on Tuesdays. For more information or to enroll please contact the office.


Women’s Book Club

Come together and participate in group book readings. The following is available to you:

  • An e-library using Kindles or Laptops
  • Choices of various Books, Novels and Magazines etc.
  • Meet regularly to discuss on topics chosen collec-tively
  • Self-help e-books, literature books and Electronic Dictionaries
  • Improve your language skills and brush your English
  • Meet with others and make new friends


The Re-connected project provides Refugee Women with an opportunity to:

  • Re-connect with friends and families at a country of origin and worldwide
  • Use Social Media to Re-connect with families and friends via Facebook, Skype or Twitter etc.
  • Create your own online social media accounts
  • One to one technical guidance and support to upload photos, videos, use chat rooms and instant messaging
  • Access to various self help resources
  • Learn how to use the Internet safely

Women’s Support Group

  • Actively engage in discussions to connect with people from multi-faith communities
  • Boost your emotional and psychological needs
  • Develop a mechanism to cope with common problems
  • Develop shared values with other multi-faith communities
  • Raise and discuss issues to develop common solutions
  • Share and exchange cultural experiences
  • Take part in an exciting and fun discussion groups

Download the Women’s Support Group flyer

This programme is sponsored by Near Neighbours Programme